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Mã sản phẩm: HB808C
Xuất xứ: CHINA 
Thương hiệu: HB 
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Liên hệ

Driver  Servo đa năng xài cho mọi loại động cơ Step Servo từ size 42mm đến 86mm đều được. có công tắc gạt chọn loại động cơ như bản thông số ghi trên mặt SP (SW7 & SW8). Dòng điện đầu ra cho motor 0.5-8A, peak 13A. Điện áp nguồn cấp 24-80VDC. Độ lớn biên độ tín hiệu xung đầu vào 4.5-28VDC. Cài đặt độ phân giải trên công tắc SW1-SW4, max=25600PPR.

Basic introduction of the drive:

 HB808C is a new low-voltage hybrid servo product developed by our company based on years of experience in low-voltage servo systems. Using the latest DSP digital processing chip and advanced variable current and variable frequency control algorithm technology, it provides equipment manufacturers with a cost-effective hybrid servo drive solution. HB808C has a compact structure, small size, space saving, and reduced electromagnetic interference between lines; it adopts better vibration technology and low heat generation technology, which effectively solves the heating of the motor and the driver. Problems such as vibration and noise, low heat generation, and environmental protection. The drive structure can be matched with any type of two-phase hybrid servo motors of 42 bases, 57 bases, and 60 bases. Our company mainly recommends 0.4NM, 1.0NM, 2.2NM, 3.0NM, 3.6NM, 4.5NM hybrid servo motors. , The number of encoder lines can be 250-5000 lines.
The drive can be connected to the host computer through the data cable for monitoring and debugging. The software has established more than 100 sets of parameters, which can be adjusted according to different application environments to achieve the best application effect.
●Working voltage: DC input voltage 24VDC~80VDC, recommended working voltage 36V/48V
●Maximum continuous output current 8.0A, maximum peak current 13A (advanced hybrid servo overload capability)
●Accept differential and single-ended pulse/direction commands, with position/speed/torque three control modes
●Adopt FOC magnetic field positioning control technology and space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) closed-loop control technology
●Adopting advanced variable current technology and frequency conversion technology, effectively reducing the heating of the motor and driver
●The number of pulses per circle can be set by debugging software or dial code (subdivision)
●With protection functions such as over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current and over-tolerance
●Single/double pulse mode, selectable pulse effective edge (selected by connecting to the host computer through the serial port)
●The maximum pulse frequency of the control command is 500KHz (the factory default is 200KHz)
●Pulse, direction and enable signal input interface level is 4.5-28V compatible
●With serial port RS232 debugging function, it can be monitored and debugged by data connection to the host computer. The software has established more than 100 sets of parameters.
●Performance: stable speed, small overshoot, small tracking error, low heat of motor and driver




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